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HT COATINGS: high temperature resistant coatings

HT COATINGS has always been involved in researching and developing a wide range of powder coatings in order to offer to his customers the best that the market can offer. Aware and experienced of the international growing needs and conforming to environment requirements, HT COATINGS extended its powder coatings range specializing on products resistant to high temperature.
Le vernici in polvere HT COATINGS powders are more competitive than most of liquid paints.
Laboratory tests and reviews of the most demanding customers show that our products are the most efficient and reliable in manufacturing products where resistance to high temperature is required. HT COATINGS developed a specific range of powder coatings for applications that require resistance to high temperature from a minimum of 200C˚ (392F˚) up to 550C˚ (1022F˚).


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